All artwork and images on this site were created by me, unless otherwise noted.

I was born, raised, and schooled in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I currently live, work, and play in Philadelphia, and will most likely grow old, die, and push up the daisies somewhere in Philadelphia.

Artist Statement

I love trees. I like sowing seeds and watching plants transform from fragile shoots into solar-water-wind-insect-interacting organisms. I love being outside immersed in nature, hands dirty, wind tangling my hair. That’s when I feel connected, calm, and alive. I take tons of pictures, attempting to capture aspects of these things I love, and when I come back inside, I try to recreate some essential element of what I’ve experienced- forests, glorious and mysterious, the devastation of wide-open landscapes devoured by commercial interests, or energetic seedlings emerging from their tiny husks.

Clay is malleable and forgiving and allows me to be as illustrative as I like while constructing my little worlds. I want my work to be understandable and accessible to as many people as possible. In an attempt to achieve this, I have been creating hydrocal casts of my clay bas-relief sculptures. These casts are reminiscent of decorative plaster work and the three dimensional artwork often embedded in church walls. My intention is to draw the viewer in, maintain their attention with minute details, convey a story, or evoke an emotion similar to what I feel when I am out in my element.

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